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Leadership Coaching

Enhancing your
performance behaviour

Leadership coaching and performance behaviour are essential for commercial success yet, in many organisations, people are an under-performing asset. With economies around the world in recovery mode, there is a pressing need for upskilling in commercial and public sector organisations. Leadership coaching will set you up for success, helping to create a culture of continuous improvement, decrease staff turnover, increase engagement levels, improve agility and instil performance behaviour throughout your team.
Carried out virtually or delivered face-to-face (as conditions dictate), our personalised leadership coaching programmes are developed and led by qualified and highly experienced coaches. Courses are aimed at senior executives in any manufacturing or service-based organisation who will work closely with their assigned coach via one-to-one and small group sessions.

We can help you identify the coaching needs within your organisation, pinpointing appropriate candidates and their areas of focus. Together we will develop key objectives along with a suitable development programme and timeframe for delivery. Work with us and watch your team flourish.

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Alongside coaching we also offer extensive recruitment and consultancy services to help your team and your organisation perform.


We’re experts in enterprise excellence (Lean, Six Sigma and process improvement) across a range of sectors, from manufacturing, financial services and healthcare to public sector organisations.


Whether you need emergency support or seek long-term business improvement, our highly experienced consultants have the technical expertise and people skills to transform corporate performance.

“I worked with Ian and I can't recommend him highly enough. What separates Ian from the crowd is his ability to tune into the individual and understand drivers and motivations.”

Insurance professional

“I'm honoured to have worked with Ian for a considerable number of years and know that his ongoing enthusiasm and drive for success will set him streets ahead of the competition. Ian is also down to earth, which is something you find less of today, so he really does understand your challenges and opportunities. Without doubt, Ian is a force to be reckoned with.”

Legal services professional

“Before being coached I was involved in the daily business and operational issues far too much. A key outcome for me was to be focused – as I now am – on creating the future operating model for Eurostar.”

International transport professional

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