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Boosting performance behaviour through Lean leadership coaching

Lean leadership coaching

March 20, 2020

In the midst of a global Coronavirus pandemic, these are strange times, with all organisations and their employees needing to adapt almost daily to new restrictions, ever-changing information and fresh demands. Enterprise excellence as well as individual performance behaviour have to be the focus if we are to survive and – ultimately – thrive under current conditions. And that’s why Lean leadership coaching is what you need right now.

Such unprecedented times, while enormously demanding and stressful, are also an incredible time for learning. With the right guidance, support and coaching, I believe many of us have a good chance of coming out of this period stronger and better prepared than ever.


Normal working practices are out the window. Most of us are confined to barracks and needing to find new ways of getting on with life and work. If we’re not commuting, we have more time each day; if we’re stuck at home, we’re hungry for human contact; if boredom is setting in, we need a new focus. With such an enormous change of perspective being thrust upon us, this is the perfect time to reassess and reset.

While many day-to-day activities are being curtailed by social distancing and self-isolation, learning and development need not be. Thanks to technology, you can reach out and connect with experts and coaches from your kitchen table right now. Arguably there’s never been a better time to brush up your skills and boost your performance behaviour through Lean leadership coaching.


Mid- to senior-level managers are often those who feel the impact most when times are tough, with pressure from above and below to keep delivering. Whether you’re in manufacturing or the service sector, enterprise efficiency has got to be the priority and you’re the person who can have a significant impact on this. This is your chance to equip yourself for the challenge.


Take this chance to step back and refocus by connecting with an expert in Lean leadership coaching. Together you can review your ways of working and ultimately completely transform your performance behaviour, leaving you poised to maximise your effectiveness when normal operations resume.

As an example, we can deliver Lean leadership coaching remotely as a combination of virtual classroom training sessions initially, plus one-to-one coaching sessions over the ensuing eight-to-10 weeks, either online or face-to-face, as conditions allow.

We’ll work with you to conduct a 360˚ review of your day-to-day working practices to assess the value you’re creating in your business. Analysing against five value levers, you’ll see how you can work differently and smarter, focusing on doing, ditching and delegating. By setting yourself new standards of work and learning how to communicate your vision to your team, you’ll create a Lean culture which transforms process and results within your organisation.


This kind of Lean leadership coaching is proven to deliver outstanding outcomes: a 10% increase in value adding activity and 11% more free time per week are just two of the benefits experienced by our clients.

What next?

With my many years of experience in enterprise excellence and business transformation, I firmly believe that right now there is a unique opportunity for training and development during this hiatus. Lean principles have always been founded on improvement and continuous learning, and individuals as well as organisations should seize the moment.

If you want to know more about our coaching courses or would like to discuss your professional development, please do get in touch. I’d be happy to help you steer a profitable path through the uncharted territory ahead.

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