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The benefits of working with a niche recruitment expert


December 23, 2016

January is a busy time in recruitment, with firms looking to fill vacancies and many employees contemplating taking on new career challenges. This giant dating game can be an interesting pursuit for both parties but, unlike a night in a singles bar, it’s not just a bit of fun with no strings attached. The reality of recruitment is a costly, complex business, taking up time and resources with mixed chances of success, so it makes sense to shorten the odds by working with a niche recruitment expert.

But what do I mean by niche? In the case of Kumo Recruitment we have a very particular focus on Lean and Six Sigma, making us truly specialist in our field. With few able to match our level of expertise, we feel that specialisation is an ever more valuable attribute in a world of generalists.

We see our role as much more than a matchmaker though. Yes, we seek to find the right fit of candidate for each role, aligning skills, personality, experience and attitude; but we also hold a mirror up to both parties. Often it’s the objectivity and insight that we bring to a recruitment brief that makes the vital difference and really adds value.

Only by asking the right questions and listening intently to your answers – as well as hearing what you’re not saying too – can we fully understand what you need. The dialogue we have with our clients and candidates enables us to dig down below the surface, to unearth the hidden gems.

Another benefit of specialisation comes from our network. We have the connections that matter in Lean and Six Sigma, combining a depth of industry knowledge with a breadth of contacts across the field. Unlike larger, less specialist recruiters, we devote our energies to a single area of expertise without distraction or dilution.

Anyone who has made a bad hire will tell you how much this can hurt a business. Mistakes in recruitment are painful financially, emotionally and practically. They can take a long time to fix and the repercussions can be sustained and far-reaching. Our aim is to reduce the margin for error, get it right first time and, if mistakes are made, ensure that they’re not repeated.

The closeness of our client relationships and the level of service we deliver are such that mis-hires are few and far between. It is a commonly held belief that expertise doesn’t come cheap, but it’s also true that price isn’t the best indicator of quality.  Our clients pay us for the value we create and the results we achieve, not for a fancy London office. By keeping overheads low we can deliver a lot more, for a lot less.

The Lean specialists among you may have noticed a theme emerging here. Working with a niche recruitment expert is just about the Leanest approach you can take to the challenge of talent selection. Through a combination of strong communication, collaboration, problem-solving and innovation, we save you time and resources, reduce errors and streamline a complex process.

If you are contemplating your staffing options I urge you to seek out a niche recruitment expert and see the benefits it could bring to your organisation.

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